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The First Make Your Move Yarmouth Day!

Please join us to celebrate the benefits of moving more! Lets make Yarmouth an active community!

1. Beginning at 12 noon in Frost Park. We invite everyone to join us, particularly those who may be working but can take a quick lunch break to add some movement into the day! This will be a 1 km walk. Bring your work friends. The weather will be beautiful!

2. Beginning at 5:30 from Honeybees: This will be a longer 5 km walk that we hope will gather more families and friends. Bring strollers/ wagons and bikes. Come on your own or bring someone along. Feel free to shorten the distance to suit your needs.

Lets celebrate moving more tomorrow on MAY 9!!


****Every one attending will receive a couple of neat MAKE YOUR MOVE YARMOUTH goodies! Don't miss out 🙂

It will be a lovely day to get out and add a few more step to your day!

Looking forward to welcoming you all tomorrow!


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